Friday, April 13, 2012

Eating a Dangerously Bulletproof meal

As many people close to me know, I have struggled with my weight over the last decade. I have come a long way, losing over 85 lbs in my quest to be a healthier Dad and doctor. Lead by example. In my journey over the last year I have become a fan of several bloggers. Two of my favorites are Dave Asprey’s Bulletproofexec and John Kiefer’s Dangerously Hardcore.

I find it amazing when an internet geek and a physicist/bodybuilder can come to common ideas based on differing reasons. Anyways, I have coined a term I would like to take dibs on: “Dangerously Bulletproof”. Basically a mash of both mechanism’s to improve function, both physically and mentally. One of my office staff suggested I use the term “Pateleo” (Patel and Paleo), which I like, but Dangerously Bulletproof just sounds sexier. I plan to write more on this in a future blog posts. Today, I thought I would offer up a “Dangerously Bulletproof” meal. I know it’s not very original and I am sure @nomnompaleo probably has this on her site somewhere (i just have not had time to look over there), but as for now I claim it.

Pasta and spaghetti dinners with garlic bread are something I tend  to miss, so here is a substitute I find satisfying: Pateleo “Spaghetti”

4-6 oz grassfed beef
4 slices bacon (good source like from US Wellness Meats)
1 oz shredded spinach
1-2 oz asparagus, chopped
½ cup Lower carb tomato sauce (I used Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce from Monte Bene Farm Fresh)

1.    Place Bacon in fry pan and cook until crispy but not burnt, at the same time place beef in sauce pan or skillet and brown.
2.    While bacon/beef are cooking, shred spinach and chop up asparagus in 1/2 to 3/4  inch pieces
3.    Once bacon is cooked, set aside and add the veggies to the left over bacon grease and cook until spinach wilts slightly. Pour this on a plate and this will be your “spaghetti”.
4.    Mix the sauce with the ground beef and pour on top of the veggies.
5.    Add bacon to the side, and this will be your substitute for garlic bread. A nice salty alternative, besides bacon makes it better!.
6.    Enjoy with a bottle of San Pellegrino!

“Vital Signs”: Total Calories 459; Fat grams 32; Total Carbs 14grams;Dietary Fiber 6 grams; Total “usable” Carbs 8 grams; Total Protein 30.  62%of cals from Fat, 25% cals from protein, and 12% cals from carbs
If you want more fiber, add a tbsp of chia seeds over the top.